Housing Navigation

For Clients Residing in COTS Shelters

COTS Housing Navigators are assigned to clients staying in one of COTS shelter programs, and they support those clients in reaching their long-term housing goals. They work to understand the client's goals, assess their barriers to reaching those goals, and then support them through the process of overcoming those barriers and transitioning into long-term, sustainable housing.

Housing Navigation Services Include:

  • Directly assisting with the timely completion of Public Housing Authority applications for rental subsidies and all other relevant state/local housing assistance programs.

  • Navigating benefits like 3Squares, Reach Up, SSI & SSDI.

  • Connecting families/individuals to any available resources that will expedite their transition from emergency shelter into transitional or permanent housing.

  • Developing a housing support crisis plan that includes early prevention/intervention when housing is jeopardized.

  • Working with referral agencies to determine & verify eligibility for clients.

Outreach Housing Team

The Outreach Housing Team was launched as a “Mobile Outreach Team” in the Spring of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This team provides direct, on-site services to families and individuals experiencing homelessness and are currently staying in area hotels & motels.

The Outreach Housing Team works in close collaboration with other support services: our Housing Resource Center, our family shelters, and the Waystation and Daystation programs. They also work in connection with our nonprofit community partners to provide the best safety net and care possible.

The Outreach Housing Team has met urgent and crisis needs while also helping people achieve long-term solutions like sustainable permanent housing.

Outreach Housing Teams Primary Services Include:

  • Distributing basic needs (diapers, clothing, food, first aid supplies).

  • Connecting guests with mental health, substance use, and medical providers.

  • Providing crisis intervention (including overdose prevention and distributed harm reduction tools).

  • Assisting clients with applications for mainstream benefits (3SquaresVT, Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security and disability benefits).

  • Enrolling guests in the community’s Coordinated Entry system to access housing.

  • Helping guests secure housing.