COTS Strategic Framework: 3 Key Directives

COTS’s decision-making and long-term planning are guided by our three strategic directives. This framework allows us to set annual goals, as well as 3- to 5-year goals, while also creating a flexible structure that enables us to be responsive to emerging needs and shifting demographics.

Strengthen The Core

In this staff-focused directive, we work to ensure that our desire to serve does not exceed our current capacity (staff, infrastructure) to do so. We strive to ensure COTS has the systems, staffing, and resources available to effectively carry out our mission.

Reduce The Pressure

In this client-focused directive, we work to streamline access to resources, as well as engage our community partners in strengthening the system of care.

Build For The Future

In this forward-thinking directive, we work to expand homelessness prevention resources, housing opportunities and creating new and innovative models for addressing homelessness.