October Boot Drive

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, especially here in Vermont. It evokes themes of coziness, safety, warm fireplaces, pumpkin spice, and Halloween fun. But autumn doesn’t spark these feelings for everyone. For some people, including people experiencing homelessness, autumn is a reminder that cold weather is approaching - and that shelter, a warm coat, and winter boots are important for survival.

Our coldest temperature last winter was -14°F. People experiencing homelessness walk an average of 10 miles per day, no matter the weather. Increased risks of physical injury, poor hygiene, and inadequate footwear have been cited as contributing factors to the development of foot problems. For the winter months, we partner with Gadue’s Dry Cleaning to provide people with warm coats, and this October we are tackling the next need – winter boots.

You can support our efforts by donating new winter boots. Winter boots that are most helpful to the people we serve are waterproof, rated at least -10°F, and men’s size 9-12. You can drop these off to 95 North Ave in Burlington, purchase winter boots off our Amazon wish list.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone a little warmer and safer this season.