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This past year, COTS collaborated with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation – VEIC – on a multi-prong approach across COTS programs to reach out to low-income households to increase their awareness and understanding of the benefits of energy- efficiency upgrades in their homes. Through this partnership, we helped residents living in COTS transitional and permanent housing by installing energy-efficiency improvements, such as CFL light bulbs, smart power strips and low-flow…

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We are consistently amazed by the efforts of our community partners to create a healthier, more equitable Vermont. One of which, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation(VEIC), is developing and implementing a 4-phase employeeengagement program called LEAD.  As an organization with a love of acronyms, LEAD stands for “Learn, Engage, Act and Discuss”.  Each of the 4 phases is defined below: Learn – TED Talks, Speakers, Videos, Books, Articles Engage – Facilitated…

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