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Champlain College Convocation, August 23, 2013 COTS Executive Director Rita Markley’s keynote address (Champlain College has honored Rita with the 2013 Distinguished Citizen Award.) I am so honored to receive this award and be here with you today. (And what a great occasion excuse to wear these fabulous oversized sunglasses. Just in case you’re wondering, I did not inherit these from Jackie Onassis. I know how rumors get started so…

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Last Friday, Sept. 28th, the Homeschoolers held their 13th Annual Bake Sale Benefit for COTS outside the Fletcher Free Library! Organized by Jessica Wagner for the 13th year running, the event was a great success! The Homeschoolers raised over $360 for COTS in just a few hours! And of course, seeing as we were at a Homeschooler fundraiser, we took the opportunity to teach the kids about Family Shelter and…

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