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Many of the buildings owned by COTS in downtown Burlington, Vermont, are historic (including several built in the 1800s). As a result, they aren’t as energy efficient as we would like. To address this, COTS has implemented an overall plan to update these inefficiencies across our facilities. These planned updates benefit our residents and guests in two ways. The improvements: * Allow for a more comfortable stay in our buildings;…

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Seven Days: What the Rates Tell Us About Vermont’s Motel Spending: Shelters and motels aside, (COTS Executive Director) Rita Markley ultimately believes state funding is best used preventing a family or individual from losing housing in the first place — a refrain that’s become common in the motel spending debate. She points to a program that COTS ran last year that stopped 233 evictions. “That was 233 households who could have…

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Every year in January, homeless service providers from across Vermont gather at the Statehouse to report to their representatives which strategies are working and which ones need work. Together they make a case to the state’s Housing Committee to advocate for the strongest and most effective homeless state policy.  Take a look at the Homeless Awareness Day Album. COTS Executive Director, Rita Markley, opened the Housing Committee meeting with testimony about…

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