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Ellen Reader, VHCB AmeriCorps State Daystation Community Support Specialist, and Maggie Thuma, former Daystation and Single Case Management BSW intern, have brought their vision and passion to the Daystation’s Women’s Group. Driven by a common interest, Ellen and Maggie put their heads together to provide an unmet need to the womanly presence that frequently (albeit in smaller numbers than the men) passes through the Daystation doors. They wanted to create a space…

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Every year in January, homeless service providers from across Vermont gather at the Statehouse to report to their representatives which strategies are working and which ones need work. Together they make a case to the state’s Housing Committee to advocate for the strongest and most effective homeless state policy.  Take a look at the Homeless Awareness Day Album. COTS Executive Director, Rita Markley, opened the Housing Committee meeting with testimony about…

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A recent report from the Office of the Attorney General, “Where Have all the Dollars Gone (2012)?” states that third party fundraisers are getting a much larger piece of the pie than the nonprofits those dollars are being raised for. To be precise, the report says “…over the past two years Vermonters donated $6,052,835 to charities through paid fundraisers. Of this donation total, paid fundraisers retained $4,156,112, while the charities…

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It’s been much colder in Vermont these past few days, and for many, that means spending more time bundled up and inside.  But for some in our community, this is not an option.  As the weather gets colder, our homeless neighbors are forced to face exposure during the winter months. Last week, Thursday, Nov. 8 – Sunday, Nov. 11., Champlain College students participated in a Tent City solidarity event on…

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In 2008, COTS launched the Housing Resource Center in an effort to prevent homelessness from overtaking struggling households.  The main purpose of the HRC is to help prevent at-risk households from losing their existing housing due to unforeseen circumstances and to allow those who are without permanent shelter to move more rapidly into stable housing. In our outreach, the top reason for becoming at-risk of losing housing between July 2009 and June 2012 were…

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Wow! Way to put the fun in fundraiser! Our AmeriCorps VISTA, Gillian Taylor, had a blast talking to the Rock Point School students, family, friends, and staff who gathered Saturday, October 20th to raise awareness and funds for homeless services in our community. Gillian was especially impressed with the costumes: “There were a lot of people there for so early on a Saturday morning.  And the costumes were crazy!  My favorite…

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We are so excited to share the success of Jennifer Hurley, program coordinator for University of Vermont‘s early childhood special education program and assistant professor of education, in securing a $1.25 million grant from the Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs. The grant will be used to cover tuition of seniors who are a part of the Early Childhood Education Program and interning at the Trinity Children’s Center (TCC), a nonprofit early childhood facility….

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Last Friday, Sept. 28th, the Homeschoolers held their 13th Annual Bake Sale Benefit for COTS outside the Fletcher Free Library! Organized by Jessica Wagner for the 13th year running, the event was a great success! The Homeschoolers raised over $360 for COTS in just a few hours! And of course, seeing as we were at a Homeschooler fundraiser, we took the opportunity to teach the kids about Family Shelter and…

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