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Flourishing gardens, Pinterest-inspired crafts and evenings at Centennial Field — the idyllic Burlington, Vermont summer is spent outdoors, and with a community. At COTS’ Daystation, community is an essential value to the success of the guests. “We try to build community on different levels, and you know in the community, some people like to go to bingo, or do other things that aren’t focused on what’s wrong with you,” Daystation…

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COTS is proud to partner with KeyBank, Kinney Drugs, Staples, WCAX, and Star 92.9  on the #172vt Back to School Drive! In response to the 172 homeless children in Chittenden County, we launched the #172vt campaign as a call to action. This community driven #172vt Back to School Drive directly addresses the needs of these children. You can help a child in need, beginning with just a pencil. KeyBank is donating 172 backpacks, and we need your help…

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This weekend, the Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont (RANV) will set up a self-contained radio communications facility as part of their unique Field Day Event. For the first time ever, this standing tradition will include COTS! Each year RANV takes part in a Field Day event, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League. Once their communications facility is set up, ham radio operators contact similarly equipped stations across the United…

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