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Harmonies for Humanity Vol. 1

cd release

All proceeds from downloads and purchases go directly to COTS.

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RiseAbove is pleased to announce the release of the first in a series of CDs, of which all proceeds will go to the COTS.  Alex Pastewski, aka Alex P., began working on this initiative after his encounter with a homeless man in Burlington last winter. The experience was so powerful that Alex P. wrote a song about it, but felt that a bigger push was needed, and came up with an idea to unite local musicians behind this critical social cause.

From there, the idea became a reality. Alex contacted local musicians and asked them to write and perform songs that would illustrate the homeless issues and address its impact on society.  Each artist will donate the licensing rights to sell copies of their songs on the CD and digitally via internet delivery platforms like iTunes, Amazon, etc. and will allow those proceeds to be used as a direct donation to COTS.  In this way, the plan is to set up a replenishing revenue stream for COTS.

Musicians to be featured on the first CD include Zack DuPont, Japhy Ryder, Gregory Douglass, Steve Hartmann, Myra Flynn, 2nd Agenda, Eric LaFave, Andy Lugo, Sarah Stickle, Climbing Up Walls, The Beerworth Sisters, Jennifer Crowell,  Alex P. and more.

This collaboration among musicians is a direct approach to use both their art as well as their platform as advocates in social change, and to have a direct impact on the lives of many people affected daily by extremely difficult economic and social conditions in Vermont. Every dollar raised will be donated to COTS, with the goal being a series of CDs released and supporting events booked throughout the year.  Eric Mallette, founder of I Am Vermont Strong, has come on as a sponsor and has been a critical sounding board for the growth of this project.

The first CD is available now.  It will be followed by a number of CD Release Parties, including one at the Paramount Theater in Rutland. Featured musicians will play their songs live, creating a night of giving back!

If you are interested in more information or to get involved, contact Sian Leach at or (802) 864-7402 x208