Team Captain Instructions


      • Give each Walker a pledge envelope or ask them to join your team in online fundraising.
      • Review the Walk Information Packet (available here and in your envelope):
          • COTS Walk information sheet
          • Fundraising tips, including online
          • COTS information
          • “Thank You” receipts that may be given out as needed. (Donations are tax deductible.)
      • Enter each member on your Team Roster. Fill in each Walker’s envelope number, name, complete address, and phone or email address so you can follow up.
      • Review the Walker instructions on the back of the pledge envelope and emphasize the importance of collecting pledges before May 7. Make sure to note that COTS Walk T-shirts are awarded to adults who raise at least $150 and to youth (16 and under) who raise $75 or more.
      • Encourage your team members to hang posters proudly to help publicize the Walk. We have lots of posters, so don’t hesitate to call if you need more!


      • Explain the Walk is an “awareness” event. This is the one time of the year that doors will be open at COTS sites along the route. Walkers are invited to come inside, learn about homelessness in our community, meet the staff, and see how pledges are put to work.
      • Offer support and encouragement, and check in often to see how members are doing. Help your team members set pledge goals, and check in to make sure they’re on track. You might want to set a $$ goal for your team as a whole or become a Challenge Team by committing to raise at least $1,000; contact us for more details.
      • Decide where you will meet on Walk Day (see below) and whether you’ll want to wear anything special to distinguish your team. Costumes, flags and banners are welcome.


      • Check-in at Battery Park at 1 p.m. You may register your entire team at one time, or individual members may register themselves. Either way, it’s a good idea to arrange a place for your team to meet — there are lots of landmarks at Battery Park.
      • HAVE FUN! Be sure to get a free Team Photograph! Encourage your team to join the festivities after the Walk, back at Battery Park—live music! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! More!


Email Sian Leach at▪ Call Sian leach at (802) 864-7402, Ext. 207