Challenge Walker

Why should I do it?

      • You will learn more about the issue of homelessness and how COTS is working toward innovative solutions to end the crisis. And, you will help raise critical money to provide shelter, prevention relief and support services.
      • Challenge Walker teams receive public recognition in the COTS newsletter, on the COTS Web site at the Annual Meeting, and a framed certificate.
      • And, the COTS Walk is a fantastic way to show community support.

What more can I do?

      • Take the Challenge yourself: Individual walkers who raise $1,000 receive a special thank you, public recognition, exclusive COTS gear and certificate.
      • Set up an online fundraising page, and share the event with family and friends via email and through social media.
      • Invite COTS to speak to your community.

How do I “take the challenge”?

      • Register online now – as team or individual.
      • Questions? Call Becky Holt at (802) 540-3084, Ext. 204.