Challenge School

Why should I do it?

      • You will learn more about the issue of homelessness and how COTS is working toward innovative solutions to end the crisis.
      • Challenge Walker teams receive public recognition in the COTS newsletter, on the COTS Web site at the Annual Meeting.
      • Students who organize teams receive a letter of commendation from the COTS Board of Directors.
      • You can help develop your leadership skills.
      • You can help fulfill a community service requirement.
      • You can enhance your school transcript and college applications.

What more can I do?

      • Take the Challenge yourself: Individual walkers who raise $1,000 receive a special thank you, public recognition, exclusive COTS gear and certificate.
      • Promote the event to your friends via social media, email and text. Set up an online fundraising page through COTS.

How do I “take the challenge”?

      • Register online now – as team or individual.
      • Recruit your friends and classmates for your team.
      • Start fundraising using the envelope provided or online (link to online fundraising
      • Questions? Contact Sian at (802) 864-7402, Ext. 207 or