Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Does the team captain register the team or do individuals on a team register separately? 
A: Team captains can start the team, and then individual team members can join the team.  If team members accidentally register as an individual, they can later choose to join a team.

Q: When the captain registers, do they need to specify exactly at that time how many teammates there are? 
A: No, Captains do not need to specify how many teammates there are at registration.

Q: Is there a deadline for knowing the exact number of teammates on a given team?
A: There is not a deadline.

Q: Is there a way to collect online donations, or are donations only collected by hand?
A: Online donations for the walk can be collected through Classy. But you can collect donations by hand, too. At your request, COTS can mail pledge envelopes to you to in order to assist with the collection process.

Email Sian Leach at to request pledge envelopes.

Q: How do I set up my online fundraising site?
A: It’s easy!

      • Visit our registration page.
      • Choose to register as an individual, join an existing team or start your own!
      • You’ll need to provide your email address and create a password the first time.
      • Now the fun part starts! Upload photos and personalize your page, however you’d like. Upload your email address book or reach out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.
      • Now you are up and running! Post your link on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and send out your emails to your community.
      • Questions? Need help? Contact Sian Leach at or at (802) 864-7402 ext.207.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?  If so, how do donors get receipts?
A: Donations are tax deductible. Official receipts are mailed, by COTS, a few months after the Walk, if not sooner. Walkers are welcome to provide donors with unofficial handwritten receipts. Official COTS receipts will follow regardless.


Questions? Contact Sian Leach at or (802) 864-7402 ext.207