Daystation Lunch Sign-Up

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Groups or individuals are needed to prepare and bring in, (and serve, if desired,) a lunchtime meal at the Daystation, the COTS daytime shelter for adults, which is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plan on feeding up to 50 people. We request that meals be healthy and well-balanced. Soups, casseroles, etc. are typical fare, but some people really go all out and serve roasts, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, etc. Fruit or a low-sugar dessert is welcome as well. We try to stay away from sweets and pastries because many guests are diabetic.


Not a cook but want to take the Daystation to lunch? Let Sugarsnap Catering – and COTS’ Cookies for Good partner – whip up a delicious meal (including entrée, salad, and dessert) for 50 guests. The entree will be a hot seasonal dish (such as roasted turkey, potatoes and green beans). Cost: $400. To order or for more information, call Sugarsnap at (802) 861-2951.


Serving lunch at the Daystation: Frequently Asked Questions.

Looking for culinary inspiration? Look at these dishes served in the Daystation!

 Do you have questions or concerns about serving a meal at our Daystation? Contact our Community Outreach and Volunteer Specialist Sian Leach at (802) 864-7402 x 207 or!

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