Leahy Leadership: Gov. Scott

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Gov. Phil Scott was recognized for his work proposing, advocating, and supporting the $35 million housing bond included in this year’s state budget. This initiative will result in 550-650 new units of housing over the next two three years, creating rental IMG_9193opportunities and homeownership opportunities for low- and middle-income Vermonters. The bond addresses the significant need for affordable housing in Vermont, and will help alleviate homelessness and create workforce housing. Overall, the Governor’s priorities are geared toward helping the most troubled and disadvantaged Vermonters secure a better and healthier life with housing being at the center of those initiatives.

“When workers are unable to find adequate, affordable housing, economic growth is constrained. Vermont has a very low rate of rental vacancy, and we need to increase access to homeownership. This effort will ratchet up the production of new housing to serve households at a wide range of incomes, spur economic growth, create jobs, and have a significant impact on Vermont’s supply of housing,” Gov. Scott said in a Vermont Housing Conservation Board media after signing it into law.

The Leahy Leadership Award was created in honor of Sen. Patrick Leahy to acknowledge advocacy and leadership on behalf of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


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