COTS Walk takes off — literally — May 7

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Blue origami butterfly on the white background

Blue origami butterfly on the white background

That’s because in honor of our annual Walk and the opening of our newly renovated program facility, we are celebrating “transformations” and “second chances,” as symbolized by the butterfly.

“I think that by our COTS Walk, my office will be filled to the brim with origami butterflies,” Community Outreach and Volunteer Specialist Sian Leach said.

We’re calling this: The Butterfly Project.

Our goal: Fold 3,500 origami butterflies – 100 butterflies for each of COTS’ 35 years of service to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in our community. Enable hope. Empower transformation.

Guests in our program shelters and services, volunteers, staff, and various groups have already folded more than 1,000 origami butterflies, and, nothing would make us happier than to blow long past our original goal of 3,500 butterflies!

Would it be too much to hope to reach 30,000 butterflies, with each butterfly representing a person helped by COTS over our 35-year history? Want to help us try? We’ve already filed paperwork to be considered for a new Guinness book of world record for most origami butterflies.

As for the plans with the butterflies, we aim to display them at the COTS Walk and in our new building, said Gillian Taylor, our Development Database Manager. “We’re actually hoping to work with local artists to create an aesthetically pleasing view of them.”

COTS welcomes anyone interested in creating origami butterflies to participate. All colors, types, sizes of paper butterflies are invited.

COTS filmed a short how-to origami butterfly tutorial, and we offer downloadable instructions as well. We also have the Butterfly Project flier that you can download and share with others.

Our COTS Walk registration page is now live. Follow our social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube—for news regarding our walk, and daily updates on COTS.

If you have questions about participating in The Butterfly Project, registering for the Walk, or volunteering, please contact Sian Leach at or (802) 864-7402, Ext. 207.

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