COTS Holiday Celebration Items!

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Photographed is the finished product of our holiday DIY Bracelet Kits! These kits include string, charms, beads and instructions! We provide them in packaging, and have included an online tutorial! $10 each


Made by A O Glass in Burlington, these beautiful and unique ornaments are usable all year! They’re also sun catchers, and will reflect sunshine throughout your home! $20 each


COTS Flashbags are in short supply! They feature door knobs from around our facilities. These designs are available as a Large tote bag ($55), Medium tote bag ($45), Wallet ($16) and Placemat (set of four, $38)!


These beautiful cards were designed by Katharine Montstream. Upon purchase, COTS adds a message informing the recipient of your generosity. $10 minimum donation/card.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sian Leach at or (802) 864-7402 x 207


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