Homelessness prevention works

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COTS two approaches in assisting the homeless.

COTS two approaches in assisting the homeless.

A key strategy in COTS’ work to end homelessness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The Housing Resource Center, established by COTS in 2008, is dedicated to homelessness prevention and housing retention. The program provides a centralized place to help prevent at-risk households f

rom losing their existing housing due to unforeseen circumstances and to assist those who are without a home to move more quickly into stable and sustainable housing.


The HRC provides a variety of support and services to help families and individuals facing the crisis of homelessness, including assistance with rental and mortgage arrearages, security deposits, short-term subsidies, and a risk-guarantee fund for the hardest to house. At COTS, we focus on implementing two types of assistance to our clients, rehousing efforts and prevention measures.  For more information on our homeless prevention program, you can check it out HERE.

The most common reasons people become homeless are loss of job/cut in hours or unexpected expenses, such as car repairs or medical bills. In cases like these, where short-term intervention can be effective, it is far more economical to provide assistance before a household becomes homeless. On average, it costs the COTS Housing Resource Center less than $1,000 to stabilize a household. By proactively assisting people in

The results of homeless prevention measures.

The results of homeless prevention measures.

this situation before they lose their housing, COTS works to reduce the number of households in our community who become homeless. In addition to being more effective economic option for COTS, long term prevention is shown to be more effective in preventing a family from becoming homeless:

Beyond our Housing Resource Center, we integrate a homelessness prevention philosophy across COTS’ services. Our goal is find the pivot points and develop approaches for individuals, families and children where we can intervene to positively alter their trajectories, preventing future upheaval and reducing their risk of homelessness.

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