Vermont Timber Works donates energy credits

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COTS embraces innovation and the efficient use of resources across all of our programs and services, which is why we were so delighted by a recent donation from Vermont Timber Works. In February, the Vermont-based business donated $1,000 worth of solar credits to COTS to help offset our future energy costs. This unique donation is the result of their successful generation of solar power utilizing their newly installed solar array located in North Springfield, Vermont.

Vermont  Timber Works provides quality Vermont crafted custom timber frames to a nationwide market; they also desire to have long-term sustainable energy for their offices and facilities. You can read more about their services and the construction process: HERE

In 2014, Vermont Timber Works wanted to power their operation using solar energy exclusively by the end of the year. After a few months going through the permitting process and construction, they had their solar array up and running by the end of December. Since January of 2015, Vermont Timber Works has generated more power than is needed for their office and factory, so they decided to donate some of their excess energy credits to COTS and the Vermont Foodbank. The Vermont Timber Works have posted about their successful solar array installation on their website: HERE

You can also watch how much power Vermont Timber Works generates hourly here: SOLAR

Inventive donations like this allow COTS to develop innovative new approaches that both meet the immediate needs of homeless people while creating long-term solutions to preventing and ending homelessness.  Pioneering programs such as COTS Housing Resource Center, a centrally located one-stop resource dedicated to homelessness prevention and housing retention.

COTS desires to maintain effective and sustainable use of resources, and looking at the cost difference between preventative measures and reactionary measures, COTS favors the more efficient preventative measures. In the world of non-profits it has become even more important for organizations like COTS to be efficient with our resources, so we can provide help and hope where it is needed most. Donations from supporters like Vermont Timber Works, allow us to continue our efforts and bring an end to the issue of homelessness.


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One response to “Vermont Timber Works donates energy credits”

  1. Doug Friant says:

    Dear COTS,

    From all of us at Vermont Timber Works, we are thrilled to be able to make a donation of solar power. The work COTS does is so important to the Vermont community that we are happy to support it in any way we can. We encourage other businesses to do the same in creative ways with whatever unused assets they have.

    Best regards to all,

    Douglas Friant
    CFO, Vermont Timber Works, Inc.

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