The Giving Season means gratitude

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By Becky Holt

From The Burlington Free Press, Dec. 20, 2015

Sometimes a question sticks with you long after it’s been asked.

The seemingly most innocent ones often have the deepest meanings and stay with us the longest. Virginia O’Hanlon’s question — “Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?” — to a newspaper editor more than a century ago is one we ask ourselves today. Do we still choose to answer the same wise way he did so long ago?

A question I repeatedly reflect upon relates to COTS and The Giving Season. A teenage boy once asked me: “Are all the people COTS helps grateful? My dad says they aren’t so we shouldn’t help.”

My response: “No, some aren’t, but are any of us always thankful for what we receive? Probably not.”

I have thought many times about his question, my response, and ultimately: Why do we give? I have come to realize that ironically the one word I would use to sum up what I see at COTS is, in fact, “gratitude.” Continue reading …

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