Wilma Rayta Volunteer of the Year Award: Scott Springer

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COTS Facilities Director (left) with Scott Springer

COTS Facilities Director (left) with Scott Springer

The Wilma Rayta Volunteer of the Year Award is given each year in memory of longtime COTS supporter, Wilma Rayta. Wilma is the only person in COTS history to be honored twice with the Volunteer of the Year award for unquestioning commitment and hard work.

This honor is one of the most difficult to decide because we have so many generous and dedicated volunteers who make it possible for COTS to help so many people. We have tutors; we have book buddies; we have gardeners; we have painters and cleaners; we have speaker’s bureau members and events’ crews – and many more. Whirled Tree Arts creates magic through art in family shelter. And, Peggy and Dick Muenier, and many others, deliver delicious lunches to the Daystation.

Each year, as we try to narrow the list of amazing volunteers to the volunteer of the year, we ask staff for suggestions. This year, multiple shelter staff members nominated Scott Springer. Scott has volunteered through the years with COTS, and since May 2014, he has been at COTS as the “Employee Assistance Volunteer,” more commonly known as “Job Help.” Scott works with guests in COTS family shelters, as well as our Family Supportive Housing and Canal Street Veterans Housing programs.

In the past 18 months, Scott has worked with more than 30 people, helping many find employment, and along with that, hope, independence, self-esteem and dignity. Scott’s talks with guests in COTS family shelters at “house meetings” as well as meeting with guests one-on-one. Some guests needed help with a cover letter; others met with Scott because they had never written a resume; some needed guidance on how to begin the job hunting process; and still others needed support and encouragement.

Since Scott began volunteering as “Job Help,” the requests from guests for his services has steadily grown, primarily through word of mouth. Scott meets guests wherever they are in the process. His friendly and non-judgmental attitude has led to widespread acceptance among guests. And, his positive support helps relieve stress, while providing encouragement and clear guidance. Scott has gone above and beyond, again and again.

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