Retiring Board: Joyce Hagan and Mike New

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We would like to say thank you to two of our most dedicated volunteers and board members, including our longest-serving board member, ever: Joyce Hagan and Mike New.

COTS Development Director Becky Holt (left) with Joyce Hagan

COTS Development Director Becky Holt (left) with Joyce Hagan

COTS Development Director Becky Holt with Mike New

COTS Development Director Becky Holt with Mike New

Joyce Hagan served on the COTS Board from 1996-2002, and again from 2005 until retiring from the Board today. In that time, she has been Chair of the COTS Board, volunteered on just about every board committee, including her incredible help on the Program Committee where her expertise and guidance as a psychotherapist have been invaluable.

Joyce and her husband, Dr. Joe Hagan, have been fixtures at COTS event for years. We’ve watched their children grow – and celebrated as they became grandparents, too.

Joyce’s kind voice, thoughtful analysis, and wise leadership are just a few of her beautiful traits she has so generously shared with COTS. We will miss her smile and laughter, and we are grateful to her for always having a word of praise or encouragement, just when you need it the most.

Mike New began serving on the COTS Board in 2007. He has been a quiet champion at COTS, offering reassuring guidance and compassionate leadership during challenging and celebratory times. While Mike was Chair of the Board, the Daystation was destroyed by a catastrophic flood. In those difficult first days, Mike was a calm voice of faith and hope for the COTS staff and Board. And, he was Chair in happier times, too, like celebrating the 30th Anniversary of COTS.

We are grateful to Saint Michael’s College for sharing Mike with us. He brought to the Board his rich background in human resources, helping COTS shape and implement policies, recruit talented HR staff, and strengthen our COTS team.

Mike has run in the marathon for COTS; he’s led the COTS Walk; and he’s rarely, if ever, missed the Candlelight Vigil for people who are homeless. We will miss his warm and caring presence – and thank him again for his wonderful generosity.

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