Lunch at the Daystation: It’s More Than Just Food

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Every day, the Daystation offers guests Chittenden County’s only free noontime meal – a program that has been around nearly as long as the Daystation itself. Guests depend on the Daystation’s lunchtime meal not only for the food, but also for the sense of community and belonging it provides.

Every effort is made to ensure that the lunches are as nutritious and balanced as possible. Chili, beans, pasta, salad, and fruit often make their way to the table, and every few weeks or so, the Daystation receives food donations from individual volunteers and organizations such as Intervale and

Middlebury students preparing lunch at the Daystation

While Daystation staff used to prepare the meals, volunteers and Daystation guests have now taken charge. Volunteers will sometimes stick around to eat lunch and chat with guests, giving them a better sense of the community they are supporting.

In addition to the usual volunteers, UVM medical students have also been coming in around lunchtime to give guests medical check-ups. With stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors in hand, the medical students ensure that Daystation guests feel well and stay as health conscious as possible.

Longtime Daystation staffers Lucia Volino and Tim Coleman say they “see every moment as an opportunity to learn and teach” – and the Daystation’s lunch program is certainly an important piece of that philosophy. We look forward to many more years of lunch, learning, and conversation at the Daystation!

We’re always looking for volunteers to help provide lunch at the Daystation. For more information, contact Sian Leach at, or call (802) 864-7402, Ext. 207.


UVM med students visit the Daystation to check guests’ blood pressure and encourage healthy living.

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