Guest-Made Art Colors Walls of Daystation

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At the COTS Daystation, much is done to ensure that clients have access to the services they need to establish and maintain self-sufficiency.  Programming at the Daystation goes beyond crisis needs – activities also affirm each individual’s dignity.

This is where AmeriCorps member Sydney Kalas comes in.  Following the suggestion of a local art therapist, Sydney decided to introduce mandalas – geometrically intricate designs of Indian origin – to guests of the Daystation.

After the Daystation moved to its new interim location at 179 S. Winooski Ave., Sydney put up a small collection of guest-made mandalas for decoration, and a month later, the project took off on its own.  Today, more than 80 mandalas and other art pieces line the walls of the Daystation, each one giving a voice to its creator.

Sydney is always looking to expand the Daystation’s creative programming, and she lit up at the prospect of dream catchers one day adorning the building’s walls, as well.

“There are many goals at the Daystation, and one of those goals is to make this place more homey.”

After all, home is more than shelter.

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  1. Sydney says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! The Daystation deserves the attention. The folks who use the Daystation are wonderful humans and they work just as hard as the staff to make it what it is.

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