Cabot + UVM Partnership is Overwhelmingly Successful

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This past Spring semester, we proudly partnered with the Cabot Marketing Class at UVM.  With a generous budget provided by Cabot Creamery, students created and implemented original marketing tools for us! All around, it was a huge success.  Here are some of the things that the students accomplished:


Bus Advertisement

Students created this ad to generate awareness and support for families experiencing homelessness in our community, and with the marketing budget that Cabot provided, they were able to run the ad for the whole month of May!

Their message: “Burlington families need your help. It costs $10,000 to pull someone out of homelessness. It costs just $800 to keep them from becoming homeless.”

Penny Wars

Students created materials to give to schools that explained how to run a “Penny War.”   A Penny War is a inter-grade competition.  Each grade has a container in the front office of the school.  Each penny donated in your grade’s container is worth 1 point.  Anything that is not a penny has negative value.  For example, a nickle would be worth -5 points.  Students from competing grades can sabotage each other by putting non-pennies in their opponent’s container.  Even just a dollar is -100 points!  Students have been know to get very competitive, but still friendly :),  which only increases the dollars raised for COTS!  This is a great awareness raising initiative, fundraising event, and lead-up to The Walk.  It is very convenient to have these materials on hand to send to any school or youth group looking to participate.


 We also love the consistency of the branding!  Great job, marketing students!


The students worked with us to outline and develop descriptions for four new intern positions at COTS. They then posted and advertised the positions online and around campus.  They even made sure that students could received university credit for each internship! We are so impressed by their thoroughness!

The work paid off because we currently have a new Human Resources intern for the Summer!

Photo Campaign

When the weather started to turn, the marketing students took to campus to table for COTS.  They used this opportunity to further advertise the internship opportunities, pass out some delicious Cookies for Good, and to create a photo campaign that sent waves through various social media platforms.

Student created cardboard signs– often a motif of homelessness– that had facts about homelessness in our community.  Examples include, “66% of Vermont households do not make enough money to afford the average rent,” and “Vermont has the highest rate of homelessness in New England.”  The series really took off, garnering over 8,700 views on Facebook.  That is more than nearly any other post we have created.  The increase in traffic to our page after this photo campaign was astronomical. Click here to see all of the photos.

Mirror Stickers

The students tried their hands at gorilla marketing by putting stickers on every mirror in 24 dorm halls, 3 academic buildings, and the Davis Student Center.  The top sticker reads, “What does homelessness really look like?”  and the bottom, “It’s not what you think. #ReflectOnHomelessness”  This mirror aspect of their project raised awareness, made other students stop and think, as well as inviting them to join the conversation online.

We love that the mirror stickers reinforce the idea that there is no one face of homelessness and that homelessness can happen to anyone.  Once again, these marketing students landed a slam dunk.

New Sticker Design

We were looking for a new, exciting sticker that would appeal to a younger audience.  We were hoping for something that people would want to put on their laptops, water bottles, etc.  The marketing students contacted a student artist who created a brand new, hip design for us.  We absolutely love the way it turned out and hope to turn it into a series with each new sticker representing a new face of homelessness.

We are so amazed and impressed by the incredible work that the UVM Marketing students did.  It was truly a joy to work with them.  We are also so grateful to Cabot for making this all possible.  It is so wonderful when different players in our community–schools, business, non-profit– can come together to do some good.  It was truly an honor being a part of this partnership.

 Learn more about this initiative in this segment of Across the Fence.

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