Williston Students Raise Over $1K with Catchy Cards

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There is nothing more inspiring to us than kids helping their peers in need.  That is exactly what Mr. Kellogg’s class of 3rd and 4th graders at Williston Central School did earlier in the month, using incredible artistic skill and entrepreneurial prowess.

As a part of their unit on business and entrepreneurship, students researched and developed their own business model, budgeted, created a very desirable product, and then gave their profits to COTS!    You may have seen them selling their goods— handmade greeting cards—at the Richmond Farmers Market on June 5th.

After carving a rubber stamp for the design of the card, students wrote a brief description to put on the back of the card about what their design meant to them.

Learn more about the process in this video!

At the Richmond Farmer’s Market, students acted as ambassadors to COTS, telling visitors about homelessness in our community and what it is like to be a homeless child.

Through online and farmer’s market sales, the students over $1,300 dollars! This is more than the amount of money needed to keep a family housed for an entire month.  We are so grateful to the class, Mr. Kellogg, and Williston Central for raising awareness about homelessness in Chittenden County and for this incredibly generous donation.

If you are wondering how your students or kids can get involved, check out our newest campaign to address family homelessness.

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