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National Resources

An independent research and policy think tank based in New York City that conducts national research on the causes of family homelessness, the demographics of this growing population, and the programs most effective in assisting homeless families to transition to stability and self-sufficiency.

Provides numerous resources on homelessness and education for homeless children and youth.

A nonprofit organization (previously known as The Better Homes Fund) that is working toward long-term solutions that help homeless families become self-supporting and active participants in community life. Their mission is to translate research findings and field experience into innovative programs benefiting homeless families across the country.

A national advocacy network of homeless persons, activities, service providers and others committed to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and technical assistance. The site includes a searchable bibliographic database with reference to research on homelessness, housing, and poverty. Also links to local state and national homeless/housing organizations.

Provides legislative advocacy, public education and technical assistance for service providers of homeless veterans.

  • National Student Campaign Against Hunger &

A coalition of students and community members across the country to end hunger and homelessness through service projects and action. NSCAHH trains students on strategies to improve or create service projects that meet their community’s needs.


State Resources


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