95 North Avenue renovation

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Design sketch for 95 North Avenue renovation

We want share with you exciting news! COTS is moving forward with our plans to rebuild a permanent new home for the Daystation, our daytime center for single adults, and create 14 new units of supportive housing.

The Daystation program was
destroyed by a flood in 2012.

As you might recall, the Daystation was destroyed by a catastrophic flood in July 2012. Since that time, COTS has continued to operate the program from temporary, interim locations — initially at the First United Methodist Church of Burlington and now co-locating with Joseph’s House on Elmwood Avenue in Burlington.

To rebuild our Daystation and create this housing, COTS plans to undertake significant renovation and new construction on our property at 95 North Avenue. We are partnering for this project with Housing Vermont, a nonprofit syndication and development company that creates permanently affordable rental housing for Vermonters through partnerships with local organizations, public agencies and the private sector. (COTS previously partnered with Housing Vermont on the successful Canal Street Veterans Housing program.)

About our 95 North Avenue facility

COTS has served families and individuals who are homeless, or at risk of losing their housing, in the 95 North location since 2011. This location is ideal for achieving two goals: creating new housing for the homeless while also consolidating support services for clients.

95 North Avenue

COTS acquired 95 North Avenue from Burlington College in 2010 to integrate several key programs and to secure an affordable space for its administrative offices. The COTS Housing Resource Center, Family Services program, and administrative offices are now at this location.

Since April 2014, the case managers for single adults have been located here, too. When the new addition is completed, the building also will house the Daystation.

About the renovation plans

COTS received unanimous approval for this project from the Burlington Conservation Board, the Design Advisory Board, and the Burlington Development Review Board.

The new housing created at 95 North Avenue will be targeted to the most vulnerable, those who have either been evicted or are in danger of eviction. The 14 units will be located on the second floor of the building.  This much-needed affordable housing includes 12 efficiency units and two 1-bedroom units will be located on the building’s second floor. Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen. A program suite in the common area includes a community living room, laundry, and storage. A full-time case manager will be on site during weekdays. The program for this housing will be modeled on the best features of our successful Canal Street Veterans Housing in Winooski.

The newly rebuilt Daystation will be located on the first floor, along with COTS’ Housing Resource Center and case management teams for families and for single adults. There is a huge benefit to having services in the same location as the housing, so that those who live and receive services in the building have ready access to support, workshops, financial savings groups, and community connections.

The project involves constructing a two-story addition to the existing building, making space for the new apartments and the Daystation. The redevelopment also includes adding an elevator to the building, making all three floors accessible. Currently the building does not have an elevator, so only the first floor is accessible.

The historic facade along North Avenue will be restored and the 19th century portion of the building will once again serve as an important anchor for the North Street Historic District.  The new section of the building has been carefully designed to respect both the scale and the history of its surroundings.

Project Benefits

  • Creates a permanent home for the Daystation
  • Creates 14 units of permanent, affordable housing, each with their own kitchen and bath
  • Enhances ADA accessibility for the entire building
  • Increases green space by reducing current parking lot by 2,450 sq. ft.
  • Reduces storm water run-off through the use of storm water treatment chambers and a significant increase in landscaping.
  • Increases the energy efficiency of the building
  • Restores the historic façade of the 19th century building

Zoning Summary

The project fits within all zoning requirements; no waivers or exceptions were requested.

Zoning District:          Neighborhood Mixed Use (NMU); project fits within all zoning requirements

Permitted Uses:          The project’s uses are allowed within the NMU district – no waivers requested

Proposed Area:           Total project size is 23,890 (Zoning allows for up to 36,432 sq. ft.)

Lot Coverage:             11,788 sq. ft. / 80.8%  (Zoning allows lot coverage of 13,407 / 92%;

Existing lot coverage of two buildings is 11,141 sq.ft.

Parking:                       39 parking spaces; 29 required

COTS purchased 7 Haswell Street, located directly west of the 95 North Avenue building, in July. This small parcel (.11 acre) includes a late 1940s single-family home that is currently being rented out to college students. This home will be removed. This will allow for the addition to the existing COTS building.

The 95 North Avenue location as Saiger’s (1900), in the 1930s, as Colodny’s Supermarket in 1950s.

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