Another Reason Why Everyone Loves A Cookie

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Born out of community partnership, innovation, and a love of cookies, Cookies for Good combines the efforts of a local farm-to-table food provider and a local nonprofit to support families in housing crises.  It’s like a bake sale every day!

The program developed by three partners – the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, COTS and Sugars­nap (a local farm-to-table food producer) – is designed to generate sustainable ongoing unallocated revenue to COTS’ services to those in need. Cookies for Good, through its partner Sugarsnap, donates 35% (100% of the net profit) of its gross cookie revenue to COTS in perpetuity.

Cabot provided the start-up funding and worked to find additional partners, including a commercial oven manufacturer – the Blodgett Oven Company.  Working with COTS, Cabot approached Sugarsnap with the idea to produce the cookies, providing a long-term, sustainable funding source. The use of cookies as a funding stream allows for every member of the community to participate in COTS’ work. COTS uses the funding to provide temporary shelter for families, and to keep families who are at risk from losing their homes.

All of the cookies use locally grown and/or processed ingredients whenever possible, which makes these cookie at true Vermont creations!  Flavors include:  Bittersweet Orange Chocolate, Blueberry Oatmeal Lemon, Coconut Cardamom with Black Sesame, Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Ginger Molasses Snaps, Java Hazelnut and Lemon Poppyseed.


Click here if you would like to order Cookies for Good.  If you would like to send cookies to friends and family along with our Kathrarine Monstream holiday cards, email Becky at

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