Community Partner Award: Vermont Energy Investment Corp.

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Becky Holt with Erika Schramm of VEIC

This past year, COTS collaborated with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation – VEIC – on a multi-prong approach across COTS programs to reach out to low-income households to increase their awareness and understanding of the benefits of energy- efficiency upgrades in their homes.

Through this partnership, we helped residents living in COTS transitional and permanent housing by installing energy-efficiency improvements, such as CFL light bulbs, smart power strips and low-flow shower heads. We also discussed with residents the economic savings made possible by these changes.

We connected, too, with individuals and families who sought assistance through our Housing Resource Center. As part of our budgeting review with each household, we looked at their utility bills and discussed how making energy-efficiency changes could ease their financial pressures.

And, finally, we worked with parents and children staying in our family shelters to learn about why these improvements matter – and how everyone, even the kids, can be a part of the solution.

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