VEIC LEADing the Way

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We are consistently amazed by the efforts of our community partners to create a healthier, more equitable Vermont.

One of which, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation(VEIC), is developing and implementing a 4-phase employeeengagement program called LEAD.  As an organization with a love of acronyms, LEAD stands for “Learn, Engage, Act and Discuss”.  Each of the 4 phases is defined below:

Learn – TED Talks, Speakers, Videos, Books, Articles

Engage – Facilitated discussions, online chats and discussions to help participants understand how awareness can help us better serve our customers

Act – Identify a service project that allows people to directly experience the topic and make a more direct connection between how awareness can help us better serve our customers

Discuss – Opportunity to engage in dialogue with other team members and employees that want to process their experience as a group

Marissa Parsi, the Executive Director of Hunger Free Vermont

Our Executive Director, Rita Markley, and Marissa Parsi, the Executive Director of  Hunger Free Vermont, spoke to VEIC this month about homelessness and hunger in Vermont as a part of Hunger Action Month.   The talk was the “Learn” phase of LEAD, and to follow up with “Act,” VEIC will be send six employee groups to donate and prepare Daystation meals in the month of September and October.

Another project VEIC is launching is the release of their high-performance manufactured homes, in partnership with the  Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.  Vermont owners of manufactured homes spend 66% more of their income on energy than owners of stick-built homes do — in large part because of older, energy-inefficient mobile homes.

In response, VEIC created the affordable “Vermod Nordic Home,” which looks like a traditional mobile home, but requires 70% less energy.  This initiative will create low-mortgage housing with low-energy costs, making permanent shelter more accessible to people who are homeless or individuals and families who are precariously housed.

We would love to thank VEIC and applaud their dedication to community engagement and investment for our neighbors in need.

Carole Hakstian, an Economic and Forecasting Consultant at VEIC who is organizing the volunteer groups, in front of a Vermod Nordic Home

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