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If you’ve been keeping up with any of our online platforms, you know that we love donations. Right now our biggest needs are pillows, pillow cases, bath towels, blankets, and sheets in twin or full size.  Plus, we always need new and unopened toiletries – shampoo, body wash, deodorant, lotion, razors, tooth brushes*, and baby wipes.

Oh wait, what’s that? You’d like to help?  Thank you so much, that’s wonderful.  Hey, you know what might be fun? A collection drive!  Don’t know how?  Well we can help!

How to start a collection drive!

Our resident expert on all things donations and volunteering, Gillian Taylor, has some great tips on how to make your collection drive successful.

Community Outreach and Volunteer Specialist, Gillian Taylor

1.       Please remember that we can only accept new and unopened items. Make sure to indicate this requirement when spreading the word about your collection.

2.       Recruit anyone and everyone to help you out. Pull the guilt trip and/or friendship card if you have to. (Hey, it’s for a good cause!)

3.       Market your drive.  Make posters and flier ahead of time giving people the details. You could even post flyers to social media! And don’t forget Front Porch Forum! 

4.       Use some creativity to decorate the boxes/barrels.   It’s an excuse to break out the glitter!

5.       Make an announcement over the PA system.  Or spread the word during lunch, or at the water cooler.

6.       Offer to pick up the donations at participants’ houses or set up a collection bin in the front of your office or lunchroom.  As a matter of fact, DO BOTH.

7.       Set a donation goal and give daily updates on how close you are to achieving it.  

8.       Compete with your friends and coworkers or set up a competition between departments to see who can collect the most donations. The winner gets bragging rights.

9.       Use Any Upcoming Event: Holiday party? Big game?  Have the cost to take part be a donation to COTS!

10.   Officially end the drive by posting the number of donations you collected in the main lobby or lunchroom. And give special thanks to everyone who chipped in.

*August 2015: Lori Goldman is our current Community Outreach specialist.  For more help, please contact Lori at

**Please note that we do NOT need toothpaste at this time.

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