Save energy, save money

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Many of the buildings owned by COTS in downtown Burlington, Vermont, are historic (including several built in the 1800s). As a result, they aren’t as energy efficient as we would like. To address this, COTS has implemented an overall plan to update these inefficiencies across our facilities.

Through a grant from the Home Depot Foundation, COTS installed energy-efficiency improvements at the Main Street Family Shelter.

These planned updates benefit our residents and guests in two ways. The improvements:

* Allow for a more comfortable stay in our buildings; and

* Save money on energy costs, which enables COTS to have more resources for programming that directly affects the people we serve.

These multiple improvement projects are made possible through a variety of partnerships and funding sources.

One recent project was made possible through a gift from the Home Depot Foundation. We installed 11 energy-efficient, commercial-grade bathroom fans with lights at our Main Street Family Shelter (which serves 10 families at a time) and 11 flush-mount LED ceiling lights and 4 LED emergency fixture units at The Wilson and St. John’s Hall (both of of which provide permanent affordable housing).

In these programs, COTS serves families with children, veterans, elderly and disabled.

Stay tuned for more updates on other interesting energy-efficiency projects, including an upcoming blog post on our partnership with VEIC and the Vermont Community Energy Partnership Grant Program.

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