COTS Daystation moves

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Today is moving day!

COTS has moved its Daystation program to a second interim home. COTS and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington reached a lease agreement for the facility at 113 Elmwood Avenue, Burlington.

The facility is currently shared with Joseph’s House.

The COTS Daystation, was destroyed by a July 4, 2012, flood. The First United Methodist Church of Burlington generously donated the use of their parsonage for the program from October 2012 through the end of this month.

Map of COTS new Daystation location

Map of COTS new Daystation location

“COTS is extremely grateful to Rev. Mark Demers and the members of First United Methodist Church for their extreme generosity hosting COTS these past several months, and we are excited about working with the Diocese on this new home,” said Rita Markley, our executive director. “We are thankful to Burlington’s faith community who have again and again helped ensure vulnerable adults have a safe, decent place to avoid the harsh Vermont winter and connect with COTS services.”

The Daystation, COTS daytime program for single adults for more than 25 years, is designed to be a low-threshold support system and central space for clients to connect with COTS services and community resources. Every day, 365 days a year, a nutritious noontime meal – the only free option in downtown Burlington – is served daily in the Daystation. COTS staff regularly assists Daystation guests with employment and housing through support groups as well as in navigating the paperwork. They coordinate educational presentations, health screenings and veterans outreach with the VA. Volunteers provide haircuts. Guests receive mail, email and phone messages.

Last year, the Daystation served 987 individuals. Many guests are veterans, elderly and disabled. Overall, about 95% of clients in this program are extremely low income (30% of median), while 5% are low income (50% of median).

COTS continues to work on plans for a new, permanent location for this program.

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2 responses to “COTS Daystation moves”

  1. Aaron Brown says:

    Sorry for the loss, in the past I have used the Day Station for its resources; the staff treated me with confidence and expectation.Sorry for your loss and thank you for the services provided. Now I have 52 credits in college and a full time job at a well respected pharmacy CVS.
    Thanks and Goodbye.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Aaron,

      We’re glad that the Daystation services helped you get back on your feet. It’s wonderful to hear about your success with school and work. The Daystation is actually still an active program. We are so grateful to the First United Methodist Church of Burlington for donating their parsonage, but at this time we have moved the program to 113 Elmwood Ave. in Burlington and now share a space with St. Joseph’s House.