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Today is moving day! COTS has moved its Daystation program to a second interim home. COTS and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington reached a lease agreement for the facility at 113 Elmwood Avenue, Burlington. The facility is currently shared with Joseph’s House. The COTS Daystation, was destroyed by a July 4, 2012, flood. The First United Methodist Church of Burlington generously donated the use of their parsonage for the…

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The COTS Walk was founded by two amazing volunteers, Lucy Samara and Gail Anderson. The first Walk kicked off in 1990 – and has been a spring tradition in our community for now 25 years.  At COTS Annual Meeting in the fall, an award recognizing tremendous service to the COTS Walk is given in Lucy and Gail’s names. We are incredibly grateful to the many volunteers, walkers and sponsors who have…

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