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As COTS celebrated its 30th Anniversary Gala, keynote speaker and Vermont author, Stephen Kiernan, asked the audience to remember their first meeting with a person experiencing homelessness. Growing up in a small rural town in Maine, I had no memorable experiences with homelessness until I took a trip, at age 13, with my best friends to Queens, New York. I remember the experience with incredible clarity. My friends, my friend’s…

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Recently a friend asked what I found most surprising about working for COTS, the Committee on Temporary Shelter. My simple answer was that I hadn’t realized how varied the causes of homelessness are and how thin the veil can be between those who have a home and those who don’t. I told this friend the story of my first meeting with a homeless person. Last spring we were planning for…

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On Tuesday, April 8, Mayor Miro Weinberger honored AmeriCorps and other service members and highlighted the value of their national service to the Burlington community during a Mayor’s Office event.  Weinberger joined more than 800 mayors from around the nation offering similar recognition of their cities’ service members during the first-ever Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service, a nationwide, bipartisan effort to: Recognize the positive impact of national service on…

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