Thanks Seventh Generation Volunteers!

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We are so thankful to the Seventh Generation staff volunteers who came in last Thursday to paint the dinning room and kitchen of our Main Street Family Shelter.  Eric Dutil, who works at the Family Shelter, directed the volunteers and had lots of great things to say about them.

They did a wonderful job, they were great volunteers…and everyone’s happy, the guests are all happy and the staff are all happy.

They completely repainted the walls and trim of both rooms in just over four hours.  Eric stressed how impressed he was with their efficiency at the task.

It was actually really vital that we had a group as big as this group because time is really of the essence in family shelter.  This is the only kitchen we have…as fast as possible is the only way to go because people still need to eat.

The Seventh Generation volunteers also cleaned and worked outside planting bulbs for the spring.  We are so glad they could lend there time to helping make the Family Shelter space more enjoyable to our guests!

Seventh Generation volunteers had a great time at the COTS Family Shelter!


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