Zumbathon® for COTS Raises $5,350 for Daystation Recovery!

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We are so excited about the incredible turnout for our Zumbathon® for COTS!  The music was awesome and there were 8 liscensed Zumba® instructors all in one place!  It was so much fun to see their different styles and in turn, get to try so many of them at once.

Enthusiastic local Zumba® instructors helped make the night extremely memorable.

“I don’t think anyone can attend an event like this and not have a good time,” said Gillian Taylor, the AmeriCorps VISTA serving in the COTS Development Office.

Similar sentiments were shared among those who attended.  AMAZING!!!  I found myself pretty much smiling through the whole thing!  You Rocked it!!” said Jocelyn Churchill.  Jennifer Skinner-Cisse, one of the Zumba® instructors at the funraiser, added that she was “SO honored to be a part of such an amazing event for a great cause.”

COTS is so thankful to everyone who attended, volunteered their services, and donated raffle prizes to the event.  And of course our biggest thanks goes out to Kate Barash-Engel, the Daystation staffer and Zumba® instructor who first came to COTS with the idea of a Zumbathon® for COTS, and did all the coordinating for this event.

“The Zumba® and Burlington community came out with bells on for the Zumbathon® for COTS,” said Kate.  “Together, we raised over $5,000 in just over a month and we were able to take Contois Auditorium by storm on Friday night.  The energy was contagious—people who said they were going to duck out early ended up staying the entire time and were disappointed that it was over when it ended.”

The smiles on peoples faces were absolutely priceless.  Working together to raise money for the COTS Daystation, combined with the amazing music, instructors, and volunteers brought tears to peoples eyes.  Okay, maybe it just brought tears to mine…” joked Kate.

Jackie Thurnauer probably best voiced what we’re all thinking now, “Can this happen again SOON?? Best Friday night I’ve had in forever!”

“If the universe aligns, next year there will be a second annual Zumbathon for COTS!” Kate assured us.  So there you have it!  Hope to see you all again next year for another great night!

To get a taste of what made the night so special, watch the video below  (try it in HD for better viewing)!

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