Zumbathon® for COTS — Instructor Kate Barash-Engel Spotlight

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Kate loves Zumba and will be an instructor at the event!

The Zumbathon® for COTS is going to be a crazy good time. The fundraiser, organized by COTS Daystation staffer and Zumba® instructor Kate Barash-Engel, takes place 6-9 p.m. Aug. 24 in Contois Auditorium at Burlington City Hall (Get all the details here).

In addition to Kate, there will be lots of other great instructors—Jenn Skinner-Cisse, Bridget O’Connor, Melissa Story, and more—to direct the routines.

And let’s not forget the raffle and auctioned prize baskets. But I can’t imagine that anyone is more excited about the big night than Kate.

For those of you who haven’t met our Daystation Peer Support Staffer, she is a ball of energy.  So it really wasn’t a surprise when Kate pitched the idea to combine her two passions, Zumba® and COTS, in a way that would help out our community.

The funds of the Zumbathon® for COTS will benefit the adult homeless community by helping provide a new Daystation space.  This fundraiser will also strengthen our community of COTS supporters, so join us in the dance and make some new friends!

Kate was happy to take a moment and talk about how she got into Zumba®: “I was a dancer all growing up and really stuck my nose up at Zumba®, thinking it could not POSSIBLY be fun or very good exercise.  Then a friend had a birthday party Zumba® class and made me go.

From the minute I heard the music and started moving, I was hooked. The music and moves are all international, so I actually expanded my dance repetoir and was able to take my nose out of the air.

I realized that Zumba® is sustainable exercise for people because it’s fun. I have tried numberous different forms of exercise from marathon running to yoga to fitness DVDs, and nothing held my attention for very long, because after a while I got bored.”

Zumba is AMAZING exercise, to AMAZING music, with AMAZING people. Instead of dreading exercise, I can’t wait until the next time I do it — Kate Barash-Engel

Hopefully you’ve already signed up to join the fun on August 24th and fundraise for the Daystation recovery.  And if you can’t make the event, you can always donate to another dancer in your stead.

Never done Zumba® before?  No problem!  This is a great opportunity to try it out with friends!

Don’t worry about looking silly or revealing your inexperience—nerves shouldn’t keep you from joining the fun.  The secret is to stop second-guessing yourself.  Just let loose and remember that everyone else is too busy focusing on their own performance to notice the 2 (or in cases like mine 27) missteps that have just occurred 😉

Did reading about last year’s event convince you to join the 2nd Annual Zumbathon® on Oct. 26, 2013? Sign up now!

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