COTS Enters Chase Community Giving Grant Competition!

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Take 5 seconds to vote for COTS NOW – Sept 19th!


We are so excited to announce that we’ve been nominated to compete in this year’s Chase Community Giving Grant program!  Thousands of nonprofits across the country have been nominated, but only the 196 organizations with the most votes will share in the $5 million in grants!

Starting September 6th, you’ll be able to visit this page and vote for the Committee on Temporary Shelter!  This is a voter driven competition, and we need your support to win this money.  What’s more, this is a completely Facebook driven contest so we will need YOUR HELP in promoting the vote to your friends and networks.  Sharing this news on your Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts will help us out a lot!

The voting period opens on Sept 6th and closes on Sept 19th of 2012.  During this time, we want to get as many votes as possible.  It’s incredibly easy to vote and only takes a moment, so please keep your eyes out for more updates as we get closer to the voting period.

With your votes, COTS will soar in this Facebook contest!

Everyone automatically gets 2 votes—one we hope you’ll cast for COTS—and one for another organization of your choosing.  Here’s the best part though, if you share your vote on your Facebook wall, and just one of your friends links back to the Chase Community Giving App and also casts a vote, you will get a bonus vote.  And the bonus vote can be used to vote a second time for your favorite nonprofit, COTS!  If all of our supporters cast 2 votes for COTS, we are confident that we will make it into the top 196 nonprofits and get a share of $5 million in grants!

*Please note that if you are a Chase customer, you will have 2 additional votes.  All Chase customers can go to, log in, search charities, and cast your ballot there too!  This means a Chase customer can vote for COTS 3 times!

But we can’t do it alone!  Only with your support will we have an opportunity to put COTS at the top—so be sure to help us out!  Every vote increases our chances of reaching the top 196 and the amount we can win.

Everyone has rallied around us during our challenges with the lost Daystation space, and this additional grant money will go a long way towards recreating the ideal Daystation location and programming that we’ve always wanted.  Together, this community can bring home the win!

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