Without a Home: Documentary Screening and Director Q&A

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We often see homeless individuals linked with the idea of invisible people; men and women (and even children) who are marginalized and stigmatized for not holding to societal expectations and “norms.”

For Rachel Fleischer, homeless people were never invisible.  From early childhood, she felt a deep connection to the homeless in her community.  Why were they outside in the cold, hungry and alone, while she had a house and parents to take care of her?

As Rachel got older, she no longer wondered about the answers to these questions—she needed a deeper understanding of the connections she had always felt. She ventured into the “apocolyptic landscape” of Los Angeles’ Skid Row with just her camera, a mind full of questions, and a bold heart.

Along the way Rachel stopped seeing the people on the streets as strangers.  She met addicts and individuals with serve mental illnesses, mothers and fathers, and even a bluegrass musician.  She knew their faces and she did her best to help them.

Over time I found that the dozens of interviews I was doing had crystallized into meaningful relationships with a handful of homeless people throughout my city  —  Rachel Fleischer

When Rachel met Thalia and Tracy Jr., they were among the “hidden homeless” living in a motel room while their parents desperately sought permanent housing.

Come join us on September 5th at the Champlain College Auditorium for a screening of the film, Without A Home.  We will have director, Rachel Fleischer, with us all the way from California for a Q&A after the film.

6:00-6:15 pm Doors Open
6:30-7:45 pm Film
7:45-8:30 pm Q&A with Director

Admission by donation

Special thanks: Vermont International Film Festival and the Champlain College Student Government Association for making this event possible.

heartfelt and riveting personal documentary  —  Alexander Payne, Academy Award-winning writer/director

Rachel Fleischer paints the story of the homeless with her giant heart and mind  —  David Lynch, Academy Award-nominated writer/director

Without a Home is profoundly moving and deeply humane. The viewer will see parts of herself in the most unlikely of people  —  Amy Brenneman, multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Award-nominated actress

If you fear that you might be taking your life for granted, see this film and then reevaluate  —  Peter Coyote, Emmy Award-winning actor/author

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One response to “Without a Home: Documentary Screening and Director Q&A”

  1. Catherine Taylor says:

    This seems like it will be a very powerful film. I wish I was in vermont to see it with you. I will be looking for it in LA.